The brand

Born from a reflection on contemporary women, Coryphée offers since 2014 a comfortable and elegant lingerie seeking to highlight the various marvelous morphologies of the female body.

Why did you create Coryphée?

I wanted to create a brand of lingerie goodness to women.
The imposed codes in the world of lingerie being so far from the reality of women and the evolution of our bodies throughout life, that it seemed important to me to suggest something else.

What is the philosophy of your brand?

To propose creative and technical products reflected and tested to bring an elegant well-being for this delicate piece that is lingerie.
It is a long way to arrive at goodness towards his body, it is this goodness that operates instantaneously a change of gaze on oneself, and on the other, the key to a true beauty.

Tell us about craftsmanship in Italy:

Coryphée is part of a conscious approach to fair trade. After my experience in industrial production, I had the will to produce in the respect of the human and to value the craft.
There is also my meeting with Mirella, Italian corsetry maker with whom we share the same values ​​and love about lingerie.

What materials do you use?

I work exclusively with European natural materials, especially silk and organic cotton.
They offer optimal comfort and create a sensual product in the literal sense of the term, which will be your first contact with the skin.

Why is there only bra without padding?

Because every body is perfect as it is. The traditional work of corsetry, through a play of cut and tension, emphasizes the forms in a subtle way, without artifice.

What do you mean by "proposing an optimal lingerie dressing"?

I design the collections so that they are easy to live. The colors can be mixed and materials suited to the day you will live.

What women inspire you?

All as different as beautiful in their singularity.

What do you want to tell a woman at the time of the fittings where she finds herself in front of the mirror?

You are so beautiful !

Mathilde Greuzat - designer of Coryphée

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Story & Know-how

Coryphée is an independent craft structure created in 2014. Each model is designed in the tradition of corsetry, using high quality materials for optimal support.

The designer is inspired first of the organic forms of nature, seeking a touch, a texture, contrasts, to create a sensual product.

Then the silhouettes are born under the tracing of the pencil giving the colors and shapes.

Then comes the search for the line just to highlight the various morphologies of the female body. For this, each model is developed, a meticulous work that requires fitting for each size, each cap, phase of gradation obligatory to obtain a quality underwear, the most complicated part of the garment. Many prototypes are therefore produced to offer an exciting product combining art and technique.

Then the models are made in the Piémont hills in Italy, in a responsible way, with priority natural and organic materials.

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